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one of the first inventions from this seattle company
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These are the people in our neighborhood because Washington is the home place for SO many household names and there are so many awesome products that are made in Seattle. I love finding out out the backstory of the things we buy and take for granted.  Here are some of the people and things we’ve found in Washington that help shape the world and if you want to buy locally or support locally made goods, hopefully this list might help.

Acme Farm Box-this Bellingham based farm box has really fresh produce, tastefully curated food products, delicious snacks and awesome recipes to put them all together.

local Seattle grocery delivery from acme farmbox

Baleen: I have bought this classically elegant jewelry at Nordstroms and another local store called Moorea Seal before and now they have their own brick and mortar shop too! I can’t wait to visit.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The Visitor Center is such a great place to hang out for a while you should definitely check it out if you’re in the area.

Beecher’s Cheese: If you go to Pike Place Market, you need to stop and watch the cheese being made. It’s one of my kids’ favorite places to hang out for a while. Not only is the cheese here delicious, but this company is so supportive of the local community, I’m so glad they’re from our town.

Chef’n-I didn’t know the Pepperball came from Seattle and there are so many household products that come from this company located right near the stadiums downtown.

Glassbaby: this is a popular glass candle holder made in Seattle and we have a few in the house.  I love that they give back to a good cause and my dream is to go there one day and make my own!

JCOCO-here you can find chocolate that gives back to the community and tastes good too.

chocolate shops in Seattle that give back to help the community

Kickee Pants: I feel solidarity towards the owner of this brand because she spent some time on bedrest too.  They make soft baby and kids’ clothes on Bainbridge Island.

Rain Globes: you’ll see this product in touristy shops in Seattle but the coolest thing about them is that they were invented in our city and they totally represent our weather perspective.

See Kai Run: my guys once modeled shoes for this company and they are really great shoes.  I love that they are based locally in Woodinville.

SODO Apparel: really great and well-made athletic clothes for men.

Swoop Bag: If you have kids and have Lego in your house, you need this bag and I love it because it’s made in Seattle too!

Starbucks: yes they are all over the world but Seattle is Starbucks’ home.  Make sure you stop in at the amazing roastery.  It’s by far the coolest coffee shop in the world.

Theo Chocolates-we have loved this chocolate shop in Fremont since we toured it years ago with the ofunder’s son.  If you have time to stop in and take the tour, it’s a great one and the Big Daddy chocolates here are one of our Seattle favorites!  Because of this chocolate factory we were inspired to see where in the world chocolate comes from and it is amazing having a shop like this in our neighborhood!

Ugly Baby and La Ru: I bought a sloth mug there and love the adorable animal art.  This is a prefect place to buy unique gifts from Seattle.  I also like the cross-stitch sets and paper doll animal kits for kids.




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