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winter wonderland at seattle center

Books for the Holidays make a Great Tradition for Kids

December 12, 2015

My advent calendar is halfway done and it’s been so uplifting to hear all the wonderful messages from friends and family about what this season means to them.  My friend Heather, who we met years ago in a birthing class for multiples, sent me a tradition she has in her family that I absolutely love! […]

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homemade christmas ornament

A tradition I love in my aunt’s house and a book that might spark one in yours

December 7, 2015

Snowflakes have come along way since I was little.  I remember when I first learned that there were sites that have snowflake patterns so I didn’t end up with my usual square with little holes cut out.  This year I’m excited to make paper Star Wars snowflakes with my guys and I’m so thankful people […]

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customized wrapping paper from Zazzle

What to do with all that leftover wrapping

December 18, 2012

Every year we buy a giant roll of wrapping paper from Costco for Christmas and every year we add another roll to the closet because we have so much leftover.  This year, I decided we’d make Christmas crackers (like the ones you fill with treats and pop) and if you live in Seattle, you still […]

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