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Franklin Falls hiking with kids near Seattle

When you can’t get anything done because it’s still summer on a Monday

August 23, 2016

Seriously, how on earth is anyone to get anything done when you play all day with two 8-year-old boys?  My sweet boys are suddenly 8 and I have no idea how that happened.  8 is such a grown-up sounding number and it’s way too close to 10.  But because this made me feel sentimental I […]

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A heart too full to shop on a monday even though the house is empty

October 13, 2014

Well it’s not entirely empty.  Some mornings start well into the night when a little one gets a fever and all of a sudden you get reduced back to the new-parent cycle of comfort/worry/wait/stayupallnight/willtheyeverbeokayagain and instead of sending two kids off to school you only send one.  (He is doing much better now by the […]

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Rainy Shopping on what should be a snowy Monday and a new direction for next year

February 24, 2014

There was a little piece of me that was hoping for snow today instead of liquid sunshine, but at least the warmer weather means that we’ll be able to start planting outside soon.  I’ve been successful with my old food garden-you can grow all sorts of vegetable tops-except I can’t get avocado seeds to grow […]

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Chilly Monday Shopping Wishes

December 9, 2013

We have been on snowflake watch all morning and though we’ve seen a bunch of puffy clouds hanging in the chilly air we haven’t even had one teeny flake yet.  I’ve been putting off today’s run because I’m so freezing cold.  Hopefully some new running attire might help.  I love my Athleta pants I bought […]

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