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christmas tree craft made by kids

When you learn a little more about your mothers through an advent calendar

December 19, 2015

Would you believe my mom and mom-in-law can both play accordions? I deeply regret that I didn’t force them to play a duet at our wedding ages ago because we so rarely hear this instrument anymore and to have TWO in a family is mind-blowing.  This thought came to me when I was sitting in […]

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homemade christmas ornament

A tradition I love in my aunt’s house and a book that might spark one in yours

December 7, 2015

Snowflakes have come along way since I was little.  I remember when I first learned that there were sites that have snowflake patterns so I didn’t end up with my usual square with little holes cut out.  This year I’m excited to make paper Star Wars snowflakes with my guys and I’m so thankful people […]

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cutting down a tree at christmas creek near seattle

A few Seattle weekend ideas if you need some festive plans

December 5, 2015

Last weekend we got our Christmas tree at Christmas Creek, a tradition we only broke once (last year when we had to buy our tree somewhere else that was still lovely) and still even went there just to see Santa.  I’ve been asked a lot about Christmas Creek lately and it will probably forever be […]

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make your own advent calendar project

December 1st: let the advent-ure begin

December 3, 2015

Can I tell you how overjoyed I am with this advent calendar project some lovelies in my life are making for me?  I never could have anticipated how much these beautiful words could fill a heart more than all the stuff you can buy. But oh, how magical it’s been so far. My kids have […]

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