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Art of the Brick at the Pacific Science Center in SEattle

Why visiting ART of the Brick is a good idea for families

June 4, 2016

Remember when Lego used to be only bricks?  I didn’t have a ton of it as a kid but I remember building a bunch of square shaped colorful houses that look a lot like all the modern architecture that is popping up in Seattle neighborhoods recently.  We didn’t have specific pieces or sets like the […]

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delicious bakery in vancouver bc

Scenes from a Northwest Summer

August 3, 2014

How. Hot. Can. It. Get??  Is this really Seattle?  Is this really what a Northwest Summer looks like? Have you been loving this crazy weather as much as we have? I swear the few people in Seattle who actually OWN umbrellas are using them to shield them from the sun.  This is a conundrum.  Do […]

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Olympic Sculpture Park (Seattle, WA)

December 1, 2010

After our second trip to the post office, we finally got Baby R her package in the mail and Auntie P’s noodle card delivered.  And then the boys wanted to go to Fred Meyer.  They love the big drivable cars. But because it was glorious outside and we only have so many of these spectacular […]

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