Farm, Zoo and Dinosaurs!

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May has to be animal month in our household.  We’ve already visited the farm a couple times and tonight we stopped in at the zoo for a preview of the dinosaur exhibit.  It was very fitting that my sister sent me a picture of a very cool giraffe print Kate Spade Iphone4 case this morning.  I don’t yet have an Iphone4, so the hubby doesn’t have to worry about me buying that, but this scarf is getting comfortable in my online shopping cart and may just make its way to a new home.  It’s perfect stylish theme-wear for all our zoo outings I think.

As for our animal adventures, they began at Kelsey Creek Farm.  This place has a fantastic farm program and that is definitely do to its instructor Farmer Jayne.  It’s obvious that she loves the animals and she takes the time to actually teach toddlers important animal facts and makes sure that they pay attention.  We’ve had so many great experiences learning with her so when we had the chance to go on tours not once, but twice this week we jumped at the opportunity.  Here we are on two consecutive farm days, one in winter vests and the other in t-shirts thanks to the bi-polar weather we’ve had lately.

We visited many animals, including a calf.

And some adorable chicks.

And we had a lot of fun with friends.  It is so cool that we’ve gone from infant carriers to being able to stand together in lines.

We also planted pumpkin seeds in a big free for all pumpkin plot so there definitely will be pumpkins to visit when we come back in the fall.

We ended this week’s animal adventures with a preview of the dinosaurs exhibit at the zoo.  There was a lovely reception and the guys enjoyed the prehistoric themed (dino nuggets and cookies) food.   They were also very excited to have juice in fancy cups with dinner while I was terrified of the red juice/white tablecloth combination potential.

The dinosaurs were a little scary for the boys, and I’m not sure if it will be their favorite activity this summer.

But they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and tried to ‘share’ their dino-treats with the penguins as we left.

Up next? Definitely more zoo and farm adventures, and hopefully I can convince them to give the dinos a second chance so I can get picks with these t-shirts.

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  1. You have dinosaur moustaches to go with your beautiful t-shirts. You’ll have to take me to see the dino exhibit. If that’s too scary, we can do the giraffes.

    From another animal lover

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