Red Mango and other things with toppings

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This morning we had some errands to run, so I thought we might be able to stop at Pacific Place for an hour and get them done.  Within minutes, I realized the guys had their own agenda as they ran away from me in Nordstroms hiding in the clothing racks while I returned a bathing suit I ordered online.  (If you are looking for a fantastic one-piece bathing suit, I went with this one in purple and it is amazing!).  I aborted the shopping mission and headed to the train table at Barnes and Noble and then our favorite fro-yo in Seattle. Red Mango.

I love Red Mango because they do the toppings for you.  No one else gets to sample them, touch them or germ up the machines. And while it might be nice to sample a whole bunch of flavors and mix a whole bunch of things on top, I like its simplicity. All the boys in this house love topping their Red Mango’s with raspberry and mochi.  Me, I like to add dark chocolate chips.

Toppings of all sorts are very popular with our toddlers.  They really like putting glue over anything right now, so we tried making dog cutouts recently, but the guys did not comply with my artistic vision and created Picasso-like versions of dogs instead.

We also had a bunch of left over m and m’s from Easter so I thought we’d use them for topping some kind of m and m cookie and a foodie friend suggested I look up this up one from this cookbook.  Since I wanted to make it immediately I found a version of their Monster Cookies on this blog and didn’t read it too carefully before we started.  We used up all the peanut butter, oatmeal, sugar, eggs and brown sugar in the house and didn’t have corn syrup so added honey.  But look how they turned out.  The only problem was we mixed in the m and m’s instead of putting them as toppings so they don’t totally count as toppings, but mix-ins, but with toddlers just be happy they actually made it on the cookie.  (Thank you S, you can make these cookies for me anytime:) )

And one dream topping place to leave you with: Rice to Riches. Toppings on Rice Pudding.  And a whole store full of it. I first saw this place in a movie (Hitch)and I was so intrigued I had to see if it was really a store. And it is, in New York.  Maybe they’ll bring one to Seattle?  Vancouver?  Somewhere closer please?

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    1. Thanks, they were so fun to make. And the shirt is supposed to be an astronaut. I think it would be hilarious to get the guys some kind of fishbowl like hat to wear so they look more authentic.

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