Farmboat and Ice cream cruising (South Lake Union, Seattle)

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  • June 6, 2011
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Last year, I heard a little about something called “Farmboat” and thought this was the coolest thing ever- a farmer’s market on a boat.  It happens every Thursday in the summer near the Center for Wooden Boats.  We parked in the lot across the street from the Outback Steakhouse and it was an easy walk over a bridge and we were there.

It is not a huge market.  There were maybe 5 or 6 vendors when we got there, but there was a man selling fresh eggs and honey, a lady selling chocolates, and a stand with some sourdough bread and vegetables.  I would have loved to see a street food vendor so we could picnic by the lake, but I think that will probably come with time.  We explored the boat and talked a little to the sellers.  Someone gave the kids some stickers and they were totally thrilled.

Sadly, I only had 24 dollars in cash with me, and though that is usually okay at a farmer’s market-this one had an ice cream boat tour right next door.

11 dollars an adult and 2 dollars each for the two year olds and I was down to to 9 dollars.  I tried to bribe them to do something else so I could shop at the market, but they insisted we had to go on the ice cream boat cruise.  We were half an hour early so we wandered over to the Center for Wooden Boats and had a little snack while we watched a school group learn how to get into little sailboats.

After that they still wanted to go. It was a little cold, but they wanted to sit on the top deck.  Thank goodness the boat had blankets.

And they still wanted ice cream. (2 dollars for an ice cream bar-we shared)  They refused to sit inside.

There was a little sprinkling of rain, and the captain invited us into the steering cabin (cockpit?) to warm up.  Thankfully they accepted.

When we arrived back at the market, I still had a few dollars left to buy a loaf of sourdough bread which made the  Bean’s afternoon.

And if we make this farmboat fieldtrip a habit, I just might need to pick some things up for me, like this bag,

or these shoes,

to get myself into this nautical theme.  What a fun idea and I hope that more vendors get involved, especially if the weather keeps getting as fabulous as it is now.

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