The Only Fools on Alki Beach

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June 29, 2011 by admin

This morning we woke up to the hope of a sunny day.  It looked like it was going to be glorious so I had the boys each pack a bag and we headed off early so we could get out and enjoy the sun at Alki Beach. But by the time we got to the little coffee shop where The Alki Bakery used to be, it was not very sunny, and it was a little cold.  But we had come all this way.

The guys were good sports.  We ate our snack, chased birds, ran around chasing things that got blown away by the wind, and pretty much froze.

Then I promised them a playground, packed up and huddled in our towels all the way to the car. I think we were one of three groups of people playing on the beach today.  I guess we were pretty hopeful.

Another thing I bought with high hopes is this book:

I have not cracked it’s spine yet, but it makes me feel like a good parent just owning it.  Hurrary for Wednesday delusional optimism!  Thank goodness it’s nap-time.

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