Nordstrom’s Anniversary Pre-sale Marathon

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A friend of mine has got me hooked on Nordstrom’s.  I am in total Nordstrom love, and even though I’ve shopped the Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale yearly, this one with a pre-sale for cardholders has been to me what a marathon might be to someone else.  It’s taken training, pre-meditating, visioning, talking it out with my team (yes, the duo) and practice, practice, practice.  But like an unexpected scorcher or rainstorm on marathon day, somehow my  appointment for the pre-sale (the very first day I might add) coincided with the same day as one of the biggest parades in Seattle’s history.  Someone else might have re-scheduled or tried to work around this obstacle.  Not me. I had poured over that catalog too long and too hard to give up my day.  So this is what we did.

We parked at the Pacific Science Center after we were stopped by busloads and busloads of parade marchers getting out of their vehicles.  We ran to the monorail and sat in the Bean and Leelee’s favorite seat.  From here we discussed our game-plan: Let mommy shop, don’t scream, don’t run away and you get a balloon.

The team and I met with Joanna our awesome helper for the morning.  She works in Toddlers downtown and she is amazing!  She pulled my items, showed me things quickly and rang everything up while I distracted (chased, cursed and bribed) the toddlers around the store.  She even put things in concierge so I didn’t even have to carry any bags home.  The toddlers attained balloon status early and had upped my bribe to time at the toy store and Red Mango.  Mission accomplished:  I will not disclose the injuries done to my credit card on this race.

But the marathon was not over yet.

Thank goodness Top Ten Toys is amazing.  I love their window display.

 I don’t think we’ve ever had crowds at their train table and we played here for so long I was tempted to get a coffee.  We picked up some awesome P’kilino shaped crayons that will not roll off the table on our next restaurant visit.

The duo’s next reward was Red Mango.  The Pacific Place Red Mango has the best frozen yogurt art.  They place each berry like it has a purpose.  The boys mangled it in seconds.  I was allowed a spoon but was not allowed to eat any toppings.

The parade had started by the time we got outside. It was pretty much just a bunch of people walking, waving flags and representing pretty much every country you could think of.  The boys thought it was amazing and were totally thrilled when some people from Germany gave them flags to wave too.


I finally convinced them to leave and we took the monorail back to our car.  They waited patiently because there weren’t very many people and they knew they would have a good chance to get the front seat.










And they did.  We could still see all the parade marchers coming from Seattle Center below.

By the time we got home, we had amassed about a dozen flags, trinkets from Japan, Mardi-gras beads and handshakes and pictures with people from countless countries.  We also had to stop at Bartell’s because I accidentally popped the Bean’s balloon with the van door (my one rookie maneuver of the day).  Can’t wait to do it all again next year-I’ll have to get the boys training again soon. Thank goodness Nordstrom’s shoe department seems to have unlimited balloons.

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