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There is nothing cuter than an adorable bento lunch, and after I went to a class a couple months ago put on by Chef Shirley, a lovely local blogger, I decided that I wanted to try making yummy and cute lunches for the boys.  My Auntie P also sent me a book around this time called Yum-Yum Bento Box that has simple and easy to follow recipes-I decided this would be my inspiration.

Unfortunately, when I started looking for all the accessories I needed, I was having trouble finding them locally or at a good price.  That was until I went to Daiso in Richmond on a recent trip. The boys and I had fun selecting things I really needed and things I didn’t (somehow a stack of 10 metal tins ended up in one of the baskets….hmmm) and almost everything in the store is 2 dollars or less.

Here are the top 5 bento finds we came home with: (looking at my bag of stuff I think somehow I was shopping with a nautical/zoo theme in my head. )

Little food cutters to make vegetables and bread into whimsical whale and fish shapes,

Little animal shaped food picks,








A hole puncher that can make little boat shapes out of dried seaweed,










Little sauce containers with animal faces,

And finally, not really for bento, but I couldn’t resist:







Little bag closers for things like half-eaten bags of goldfish or chips.  Who knows if I’m actually ever going to use all these things, or even make a half-decent lunch for the guys, but I feel like my cupboards are definitely happier now that they’ve been bento-d up.  Now we just need the perfect lunch box…..

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