Back to School

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So apparently it’s almost back to school.  There were leaves falling as we drove around yesterday morning and I’ve been buying all the cheapo crayons at the big box stores.  And it’s freezing cold too I might add. And while I’ve barely figured out what to do with the duo this fall, I found something delightful for myself.

A lunchbag.

A beautiful insulated mommy-ish but not too mommy-ish lunchbag and I thought it was very fitting that it has a momma bird and her two little birds in tow.  It’s by a lovely Canadian designer called “So Young Mother” and I love that the brand-name also makes me feel young, stylish and very cool.  I bought it from a fantastic Vancouver online company called Raspberry Kids that I adore.  And it was very sweet to meet with their owner Sue the last time I was in Vancity.  Raspberry Kids also stocks Green Beaver (yes, Sandee, if you are reading this, I am thinking about what is in my makeup), Coco and Tini (a great Vancouver soap company) and a whole thoughtful list of carefully selected fabulous products.  I know I will be checking them out again come Christmas-time.

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