Hanging with a Moose

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Last weekend I worked a booth for Red Tricycle at Safeco field and the hubby and boys came along.  I wasn’t sure what to expect: where would Caspar Babypants be singing this time?  It turned out the concert was in this neat little room called the Ellis Pavillion which made for such a personal feeling concert and it looked like all the families there were having so much fun.  We were totally surprised when the Mariners Moose showed up for the concert too.  The guys couldn’t stop talking about hanging out with the moose and were totally excited when we headed out to the watch the Mariners play after it ended.  I hope that watching baseball helps the guys figure out what they’re supposed to do when we start T-ball this fall.  Part of me thinks I might be raising two mascot wannabes.  We’ll see.


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