‘Tis the season

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It’s the perfect time of year for getting a little festive.  From here on out the days go by in a blur of holidays and then we’re catapulted into the New Year and I can’t get enough of all the excitement. (Kudos to my homeland, for getting it all started this weekend with Thanksgiving-I so wish there was a Black Friday in Canada, but happy turkey eating and a weekend of thankfulness to you all just the same.)

I was thankful when I found some fantastic Thanksgiving finds at Pottery Barn Kids this week. I had to pick up these (unbreakable) adorable plates.  We’ll eat our turkey sandwiches on them tomorrow too!

This little friend is also from Pottery Barn Kids.  I’m not sure how long he’ll last as the guys keep taking him off his perch and petting him.

And we celebrated fall this week with friends at Kelsey Creek Farm. We had a lovely tour and then picked up pumpkins.

This is definitely my kind of pumpkin patch: indoor, dry and totally clean! The boys had fun and the pumpkins were perfectly toddler sized and non prickly.

We are trying to grow pumpkins too in our backyard, but I’m not sure they’ll be ready for the big day.  (Did you know pumpkins are prickly? They’ve tried to maul me on several occasions.)  This is the one with the best shot for being a real Halloween pumpkin-it just needs to turn orange.

And this one grew between two rocks and can’t get out.

And though this looks like a candycane, it’s merely part of the boys’ costume…

But these definitely are for Christmas:

Santa mugs for hot cocoa

And a plate for our jolly friend.

As much as I’m not a fan of Christmas in October- I love stores.  I love shopping.  I love the holiday spirit. And I couldn’t help myself.

3 thoughts on “‘Tis the season

  1. That’s a priceless ‘multiples’ pumpkin picture. They are all adorable.

    I love your green pumpkins. They are just perfect!

    Enjoy the festivities. We’ll miss you on Turkey Day with Grandma and Grandpa J. Enjoy your turkey sandwiches on your new plates, boys! Be thinking of you as we eat turkey at your grandma’s. m-m-m-m-m-…

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