Little Doodahs and something I’ll diddle with for the New Year

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Here’s another local Seattle company I love: Little Doodahs and it’s an online store recently started by two Seattle moms.  In December I bought my friend’s uber-girly daughter a cat purse for her birthday and I think it came the next day in the mail.  I absolutely LOVE the little pink bird detail.

Now they’re having a 40% off everything sale (This time I bought the dog purse for another friend’s child) AND free shipping.  I’m thinking these dinosaurs might end up in my shopping bag soon too.


I’m even more compelled because my guys have been loving this book lately!


Leelee loves the Iguanadon while Bean loves the T Rex.

Seeing all the creativity on the Little Doodahs site (and Pinterest!  I LOVE Pinerest!) has made me bookmark my project for the new year.


These are sleeping bags for the boys huggies.  Just in case we go camping again.

I’m hoping they can be made with glue.

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