Home Improvement in Vancity

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We headed up for a quick trip to Vancouver, BC and I love some of the home decor stores there so much-they have the coolest things.  I fell in love with this:

It’s called a Chat-Board and I saw it in a store called Homewerx which has funky home accessories and dishes-if I had to stay the night in one store, this would be a really fun place.  The hubby will not let me put magnets on the fridge, so I want to get a really big one for our eating nook so we can display the kids art and write little memos.  I’m thinking I’d get the glittery grey.

We also found a salad dressing spigot by Eva Solo that the hubby saw in a MOMA catalog at a store called Ming Wo.  (Another fun home store I don’t mind getting lost in for a while.)  I read that it could also be a soy sauce dispenser and now I need another one ASAP.

Eva Solo makes an amazing bird house that I want for my backyard one day.  I’m not sure how successful my homemade bird feeders are as the only birds that liked them were a seagull and crow who ate them on my neighbor’s roof.

But a place that might need some home improvement in Vancouver was a hotel where we spent the night: the Loden hotel, a top-rated hotel in Vancouver and one I’ve recommended before.  We’ve stayed their and LOVED it-it’s modern, swanky and has a cool vibe.  This time we had a really good room deal and noticed our room had one of those connector doors (penalty for an amazing deal, I guess….).  We didn’t really think much of it.  The room was gorgeous.  The bath products (Molton Brown) were lovely.  And we dozed off to sleep until about 1am.  Then we heard the neighbor’s come home, heard water running in the adjoining room, full on conversations  and maybe someone going to the bathroom??? We waited, but the noise didn’t die down.  The hubby checked the hall and there was no one out there-is wasn’t like they had left their door open and were yelling. The sounds were coming loudly through the middle door because of the echo-y tiled floor.  Ooops. We made a call and thankfully we were moved to another room. This room was peaceful, quiet and beautiful.  A completely different experience, but a little tainted nonetheless.  (I’m sorry but you just can’t get sleep back)  Maybe these earplugs (a la Holly Golightly) in the minibar for those with the connector would make the experience just a little more luxe?

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