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I absolutely love this book.

It’s like a baby book, but it’s only for birthdays and it has you reflect on the year with your child on his birthday and I love looking back and seeing how far my guys have grown.  (Yes, I have TWO of these!).  There are lots of pockets for mementos and pictures too-things like copies of their first birthday invitations, valentines, attempts at art and Santa pictures.  I just recommended “Your Birthday Book” to a friend and noticed that it was now only about 10 dollars on Amazon and I got a little giddy.  I hope I have the diligence to keep up with it each year.

2 thoughts on “Something I love

    1. I really really love looking at the books….I try and keep them in the kitchen so I can write down funny little things the guys say during the year too:) Hope you’re doing well!

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