We could have been watching the Oscars….

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Maybe it’s because we’re regular people. And maybe there was a little “wish I was wearing THAT dress instead of these sweats, ponytail and gumboots” envy tonight as we embraced Oscar night as a night to try out some awesome Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in Seattle that we’ve been hearing about.  Probably as anti-Oscar of a meal as you can get as I don’t think Gwyneth could even be near the fumes of this pizza with the beautiful white gown she wore.

Good pizza takes a little while to cook (30+ minutes for deep dish-FYI) so we camped outside and enjoyed some lovely Seattle sun.  I tried to convince the boys we needed to stop at Simply Desserts while we waited, but they couldn’t be bribed to move away from the yummy pizza smell.

When we got our order, the boxes were HEAVY! (I totally over-ordered: a large, a small and a salad.  I think our little family could eat one small plus a salad and call it a night.)

And how do us regular people in sweats eat pizza? We devour it picnic-style, barbaric, and anti-red carpet. (Unless you count the spills…..oops.  Chicago-style pizza is a little messy.)

And it was spectacular. I want to thank Kylie’s pizza for making this such a special night.  And my parents for giving me such discerning taste buds so I know what yummy pizza tastes like.  And my little family for being so open to picnic style eating. (Cue get off the stage music now……)

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