December 31, 2012 by admin

The first words out of the Bean’s mouth when we got home from grandma’s house tonight: “Bobo!  Your mother’s home.”

Jemma th giraffe

And the ‘leash’ I thought he’d made with ribbon on Jemma’s neck was not really a leash at all.  It was a Baby Bjorn for giraffes and it fit Bobo perfectly.

Thank you Santa for such this sweet Christmas memory.  We’re so lucky Jemma could join us from Africa.  (Apparently she is a hockey goalie for the African Seahawks too.)


  1. Mrs. Jenny K says:

    They have this gal in the gift shop at our Marbles Museum (the kid museum in Raleigh). I was so, so, so tempted to get her! But the boys aren’t old enough to appreciate it yet. I think she’ll find a spot in our house in the next couple of years though. 🙂

  2. Oh- this one made me teary-eyed. You will have to write a children’s book about this one.

    “Bobo. Your mother’s home….” Everyone needs a mom.

    You are so lucky, Bean! Happy New Year, all!

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