Reckoning day at my favorite store

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Every year I wait for a little silver card that comes around November to let me know I’m “in” for   a fabulous night at Nordstrom shopping because I’ve loved the store so much during the year.  And every year I face the tsk tsk tsk of the hubby because he knows that the little invite means just exactly how much I’ve loved my favorite store.
Imagine my delight when HE got an invite from REI who seems to be copying the Nordstrom model.  Apparently hubby has been doing some spending of his own.

Rei member night

REI throws a nice party.  They have vendors and giveaways, tasty food, lovely drinks and a fabulous 20% off coupon



These little baby Keen keychains alone have convinced me the hubby’s spending is okay.


And so now I’ve taken it upon myself to help the hubby get to the party again next year.  I noticed some cute travel clothing by Patagonia and Exofficio while I was there and I definitely need some running gear. As usual these creepy toe shoes are not making the list but I know I can do a fair amount of shopping at REI now that I know how fun they can be.

So yay for Nordstroms and REI-I hope you’ve started an amazing trend.  (ahem…Tar-jay-  would love to see what kind of party you’d throw!)

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