Pavlova, store openings and Crispy Rice in Seattle on a Monday

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Oh Monday. After such a drizzly wet weekend there are so many fabulous things to buy this week! We spent the weekend trying to stay dry at the Sounders game and my guys even made little paper signs to hold up.

little homemade go sounders signs

I love how Seattle soccer fans will brave all weather to cheer on our team but by the end it was so wet I was wondering if we were watching a swim meet or a soccer match.

wet weather at the sounders game
I still don’t really get what’s going on in the field but I am always entertained by the food. My game highlight was this hot chocolate man. This is amazing talent and I couldn’t stop watching him and wondering what would happen if it fell off his head. But it didn’t.  Even though it tipped precariously. It did not touch the ground.  (And all the while, the Sounders played on and even won.  Yay, hot chocolate man!)

vendor holding hot chocolate on his head

I also recently bought a lovely Norwegian blogger named Sweet Paul’s “Eat and Make”book (trying to embrace some of my Scandinavian roots) and I couldn’t stop drooling over the pavlova recipe. And then Jamie Oliver’s “Cook with Jamie” had a pavlova recipe in it too. So I got all nostalgic for a time when my mom had a major pavlova phase and we had it for dessert for a few months and I needed to have it now, now, NOW! But it took me 4 tries, too many eggs and some complaints to a friend (thanks M) before I realized that I was over-beating my egg whites and wrecking it. (I probably should have called you too, mom.  You would have been able to tell me what to do!)

strawberry pavlova

But it finally turned out and if you don’t have the above cookbooks you can use this pavlova recipe and then this other recipe for chocolate pudding because it will use up the 3 yolks that pavlova doesn’t need.  My kids enjoyed the new dessert and the hubby told me it was divine which is just what you should do when someone destroys your shared kitchen on a quest to recreate a childhood dessert.

I also love the crafts in sweet Paul’s book (I love his blog too!) and I’m definitely going to be making trivets with one of my favorite people in the world very shortly too. (Sistoire, in case you didn’t realize that is you, it is and we are crafting this weekend so be forewarned.)
And another sweet thing, a brilliant clothing company for men was smart enough to open at the Nordstrom store the week before Mother’s Day. I think a good way to campaign for good Mother’s Day gifts is to buy your hubby things the week before Mother’s Day so he remembers how lovely you are. So it was very smart that Sodo Apparel brought some fabulous Seahawks to the downtown store and my boys all had a good time and I may or may not have pointed out some special things that caught my eye in the store on the way out too.

kj wright and Golden Tate at Sodo Apparel at Nordstrom downtown store

I’m also hoping to check out another store this weekend because I’ve bought some awesome things from Moorea Seal online but now Moorea has gone and opened up a downtown actual store so I hope to get there sometime soon!  She has an amazing selection of locally-made gifts, stationery and accessories and I love her sense of style. There is a grand opening this Friday (May 9th 2014) from 6-9pm and if you need last minute mom’s day gifts it’s a great place to go and I love that 7 percent goes back to some really great non-profit places too!

And while I love restaurants and eating out,  I need to avoid Blue C Sushi like a hole in the head because it has something new on the menu that will kill me.  Crispy Rice.  It is a dream.  Someone could probably eat 10 plates of them and still eat more but thankfully stopped at one. I think it’s just deep-fried delightful, delicious, divine and deadly rice.

crispy rice at Blue C

So this week I’m going to be doing a lot of best mom ever campaigning: making some favorite meals and desserts, making sure I have something for the grandmas and trying not to buy too many things for myself. I’m also trying my best to get into my new exercise schedule because it’s going to be shorts and tank season before we all know it so if any of you have any tips for running and biking or healthy eating  I definitely want to hear!

Happy Monday!  (Oh and please ignore the cookies for breakfast and pretend they are kale.)

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    1. A dremel drill-I’m totally going to have to look that one up now. I was just going to use a regular one….or you were going to have to figure out how to use the regular one with me….I think I better make sure I have bandaids on hand now too.

  1. I just made pavlova again the other day – with chocolate bits in it. It was heavenly!

    1. Now that’s taking it to the next level. When do you add the chocolate bits? And I totally need to watch you make this so I know I’m doing it right.

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