When a business treats your kids nicely, they are golden for life (Bottega Louie, Los Angeles)

Bottega Louie with kids
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This memory could have ended with that delightfully full feeling you get after you eat a good meal but it’s going to be in my heart for a while.  We were in Los Angeles for a wedding and I’d seen the lovely macarons from Bottega Louie in one of my social media feeds and filed its name away as a place I wanted to visit one day and when I found out our hotel was within a walkable distance I decided we must go.  (We stayed at the Westin Bonnaventure if you’re curious and our room was spacious, clean and comfortable.)  And since Bottega Louie does breakfast, I thought we could have breakfast AND macarons before we headed back to Seattle and that would make my Los Angeles trip complete.

And we were thrilled with breakfast.  The boys loved the pancakes and egg sandwich that they ordered and the granola parfait was gorgeous.  We also had a raspberry beignet that I’m wishing we could conjure up here in Seattle because it was pretty dreamy too.  We ate our food, chatted about the wedding and soaked in our surroundings and had a really nice family breakfast.

delicious things to eateating out with kids

And then just as we were finishing our server whispered in my ear-“Can I get the boys a macaron?  They were so well-behaved.”

And she showed up with the loveliest box of macarons for my boys.

where to eat macarons in LA

I couldn’t have been a prouder mom.  We travel often so we put a lot of work into being ‘behaved’ at restaurants, on planes and in hotels and it is so hard for kids to behave that it means so much when a business is kind to my kids and lets them know they saw that hard work.  And this was just so much beyond that.

This sweet woman told my kids how nicely they behaved as she handed them the box.

So I am very grateful to Bottega Louie and this lovely lady.  This sweet gesture meant so much because it showed my kids it’s not just mom who cares that they behave, but their actions affect the world around them.  And they felt pretty proud too. So not only did we get a wonderfully full belly here at this patisserie/restaurant/macaron maker extraordinaire, but Bottega Louie helped fill my heart and we will definitely remember this for a long time. (Thank you!)

(PS. have you ever been to a place that treated your kids fabulously?  I’d love to hear about it.  These businesses mean so much in our global village.)


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  1. Love hearing that! Kudos to your boys (& mom for training them well) & how awesome for a restaurant to go out of their way to notice that!

    1. Thanks Jen. I really love taking my kids out and helping them learn to eat out and travel so it meant a ton that this place made my kids feel so welcome. I really appreciated it.

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