If your car drives in auto-pilot in Seattle on a Friday

shades of autumn
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The hubby’s vehicle got an update the other day that makes it pretty much drive on its own and it freaks me out.  There is a small part of me that thinks one day Elon Musk is going to call all his vehicles back to their mother ship and we will all be whisked away to some magical land.  I also prefer to be able to call the shots when I’m driving.

BUT, the kids and hubby tried it and survived so you know it’s only a matter of time before they make me try it too.

So if my car could auto-pilot me anywhere in Seattle on a sunny Friday, I would hope it could find me somewhere where I could take a bunch of pretty leaf pictures. 

autumn seattle leaves

And it would take me to  Pike Place Market to get some more pumpkin pie yogurt from Ellenos.  The one Ellenos sells in stores does not have the same pumpkin pie in it as the one in the market and it’s still delicious, but I do crave the one from the market way more.

pumpkin spice that is not coffee

If my car had auto-pilot it would make me head to yoga or to the gym so that I could actually get myself there.  I still love Core Power Yoga from Classpass and I’ll update you on my year of classpass next month but I definitely do not get there as often as I should.

And if I exercised, it would bring me to Nordstrom afterwards to pick out a reward.  Or Uniqlo.  Aren’t we getting one soon in Bellevue? I’ve bought the cutest things online and in Asia from Uniqlo for the kids and I can’t wait to shop in stores!

And then my car would figure out what and how to pack snack for a soccer team of kids and put it together, because THAT is what is terrifying me this weekend.

Soccer Snack.  Now when a car can do that, then I’ll be impressed.

So I hope you have a lovely sunny weekend wherever you are too.  Are you up to anything fun?  And if you’ve been “Soccer Snack Parent” what has been your go-to snack?

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  1. When we lived in Japan, we shopped at Uniqlo and loved it–maybe we had to though…it was the only store where the clothes fit us :). Looking forward to having one here!

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