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April 23, 2011 by admin

things to do with kids to celebrate Easter

A couple weeks ago, I was wondering how to make shaped pancakes and someone suggested cutting them out after I cooked them.  So when we had a few friends over for an Easter bunny appearance, I thought I’d use the same idea with a baked tortilla recipe so we’d have cute healthy chips to go with all the cupcakes and other sugary things we get around this time of year.

farm party healthy snack ideas

To make this, preheat your oven to 350 degrees, cut your shapes out of flour tortilla (I used Mission Hills brand) and then place them on a cookie sheet for about 9 minutes.  These shapes were on the small side, so you might need more or less time.  Just watch your first batch and get them out before they turn too brown and go from there.  You could also brush them with oil and salt, or cinnamon and sugar, but I like them plain served with hummus or salsa.

The Bean also convinced me to buy this bag of marshmallow bunnies we saw on a recent Target trip and I thought I’d just melt them down and make them into Rice Krispy Squares.  But then I saw a Theo Chocolate bunny I totally craved and I’ve seen a lot of stuff on Cakeballs recently so I thought I’d try the same idea with the marshmallows and candy melts.

bunny shaped marshmallow

This is how they looked dipped.  I thought they were cute, and they did taste rather yummy.  If we hadn’t had a major tantrum before our guests arrived, I was going to try and put an mini m an m for an eyeball, or maybe a little royal icing carrot or heart somewhere on it.  I’ll have to file that idea for next year.

bunny shaped marshmallow trea

And as for our Easter Bunny, our lovely friend Brooke brought a brand new baby bunny named Wally and the toddlers all gave him some friendly pats.  I’m loving how much the boys adore holidays and I totally can’t wait for them to hunt for eggs tomorrow.

bunny party with kidsbunny party with kids

bunny party with kids


  1. jamie says:

    i’m sad we missed out on the bunny fun! when’d you guys do that?

  2. […] of our babysitters brings her bunnies to our house before Easter to make things a little festive. Last year, I really liked how my tortilla chick chips turned […]

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