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Terumi and her family from An Emerald City Life BlogTerumi from An Emerald City Life blog

I’m Terumi Pong, and I’m a mom of twin boys and we are always on the go.  We spend our time between our home in Seattle, our cabin in the mountains and our families’ homes in Vancouver Canada. We also play sports, ride bikes, breakdance and practice piano somewhere in between.

Terumi from An Emerald City Life Blog

I live to drink coffee, eat delicious treats, shop beautiful stores, adventure to see animals and travel the world with my husband and two 7-year old boys and enjoy all the wonderful things that are uniquely Seattle (we’re definitely experts at hanging out in our city!)  You can contact me at helloterumi@gmail.com for reviews, guest-posts, or inquiries or even if you’re just headed to Seattle with your family and need some tips.  We’ve also been to Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico and many other places with kids in tow and if you have any travel questions I’d love to help!

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If you’re looking for partnerships, these are some of the brands and agencies I’ve worked with: Tea Collection, Toyota, HP MyPrintly Moms, Dallas Tourism ,Tourism Idaho, Fairy Tales, KOA Macys Trekaroo Tourism Vancouver. Please contact me if you need more information.


Terumi and family: An Emerald City Life blogTerumi from An Emerald City Life blog










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  1. Hi Terumi! Thanks for following my humble little blog (although I think it was ages ago!). I am looking forward to reading more on your blog as well. We spend a good deal of time up in your neck of the woods, and I love to hear from other Pac-NW moms who like to go adventuring with their kids.

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