Fairy Tales and Frog Urinals, how I’m going to win at Aunting in the New Year

fairy tales lice prevention shampoo review
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If I could make a list of things that freaked me out about my kids going to school, getting lice would probably be on the top of my list.  So I’m thankful that Fairy Tales sent me an arsenal of lice prevention that we’ve been using since Christmas to get ready for going back after a two week break.  Especially since I used a helmet from the communal helmet bin at our annual skating party and someone reminded me that sharing helmets or any type of things that goes on your head is a great way to befriend the little unwanted beasts.  Oh my goodness.  Just thinking about this makes me want to wash my hair again.

helmets in a bin

I like the fresh scent this product has and my hair felt soft after I used it so it’s a lot like using my regular shampoo but it gives me peace of mind against a lice nightmare.  So I know this is something I’ll probably be buying my sisters too as their kids get older and go to school and I’m thankful for one more tool to help me prevent lice.  (Ugh. Teeny little bugs who eat scalp for breakfast…..they are scarier than zombies…..)

I also spied another thing I’ll buy my sisters who both have baby boys because I totally would have loved this when my boys were potty training!

FROG URINALS for kids!

frog urinal for potty training

This might have saved our walls and our floors and perhaps a few plants.  This portable urinal might have helped too.  The things people think up these days…..

(PS. Fairytales sent me the lice prevention stuff above to try but the opinions expressed are definitely my own.)

(PPS. if you are a scientist who is working on obliterating lice or know where they come from anyways I would love to hear from you.  Especially if you hear lice are going extinct.)



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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am terrified of my kindergartener coming home with lice! The very first week of school one of her classmates got it 🙁 I need to get this stuff!

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