A rainy day at The Perot Museum (Dallas with kids)


May 5, 2015 by Terumi

places to visit with kids in Dallas

Before I even realized this building was the Perot museum I was quite taken by it.


We ate at a delicious Moroccan restaurant nearby (you might want to eat there too!) the night before our visit and I found the shape so intriguing that I was really excited when I realized this was actually the Science and Nature museum we were visiting the next day.

cool Dallas sculptures

It was a really rainy day in Dallas when we went and there were tons of kids EVERYWHERE, but we still had a fun time exploring all the exhibits-there were dinosaurs and rocks and all the fun STEM-y things kids usually love in science museums.  But what was really unique was the great view of Dallas that we got from the inside the museum and the escalator ride up to the top of the museum was really cool too.

where to take pictures of DallasPerot Museum

My guys would probably tell you they loved the interactive ‘pretend you’re an eagle’ game the most.

dallas museum

They also loved racing their dad and cheetahs, dinosaurs and athletes on a virtual track game.  I couldn’t believe my guys are finally too big to be in the ‘little kids’ area of this Science Museum but we took in a preschool-ish Story Time under the Stars activity that they still found quite entertaining.

track at Perot Museum track at Perot Musuem

We had a really fun afternoon together and I’m glad we got to see what was inside this amazing architectural wonder!  (We actually even saw some schoolmates from our neighborhood in SEATTLE at this museum who were visiting Dallas the day we were at the museum.  It really is a small world!)

(PS. we received free admission to the museum but we were not required to write a review and the opinions here are our own.)
(PPS. if you have a Pacific Science Center Membership, I believe this museum is reciprocal and YOU could also receive free admission too!)


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  1. Looks like a nice interactive museum. Moroccan restaurant? I would hit that!

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