Best Souvenir Ever (Polynesian Cultural Center,Oahu, HI)

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On our last trip to Hawaii, we visited the Polynesian Cultural Center for the first time because Leelee loves luaus.  We had a blast exploring all the “islands” with our three year olds and while we waited for dinner we spotted a booth that for 5 dollars you could make a beaded bracelet.  Little did I know that months later the boys would still be wearing these bracelets proudly around the house.  I loved the fact that I got to do a craft with them and I love how hard they concentrated on selecting each bead and threading them carefully on the elastic.  The bonus came when the woman running the booth took our camera and got some pictures of us as we worked on our creations.  Family photos with ALL of us in them are always my best souvenirs and I can never get enough.  The little guys also loved learning how to ‘fish’ in one of the ponds with sticks and string  and they really liked getting tattoos.  We had such a great time here and I didn’t think we’d stay as long as we did.  Hopefully we’ll be back again one day but this was a perfect place to visit with young kids in Hawaii!

Polynesian cultural center

Polynesian cultural center with kids

Family pictures at the Polynesian cultural center

3 thoughts on “Best Souvenir Ever (Polynesian Cultural Center,Oahu, HI)

  1. Lauren tried to make the lauhala fish, where you braid and thread. I got lots of help. We didn’t see the beading station, but we ate potato bread, and took pictures of the recipe.

    Love that place. We had a tour guide, and we ended up being a part of the New Zealand show, on the grass, whereas everyone else was in the stands. Didn’t realize what had happened until some people with name badges guided us onto the grassy area, and we eventually looked up…..

    So much fun there. It’s worth the admission. Try the taro buns in the buffet??? Lauren calls them a touch of Heaven. Enjoy!

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