Yes, but does your Pumpkin Patch have a Giant Bouncing Pillow?


October 21, 2011 by admin

Taves Farm in Vancouver with kids in the fall

On my own, I love boutiques, but with kids in tow places that are multi-purpose are a god-send, like Target, where I can get groceries, stylish things and toys for the kids in one stop.  So when I heard about The Apple Barn: a pumpkin patch/apple picking/see the animals/jumping pillow wonder of a place in Abbotsford (right near the 49th parallel on the Canadian side) I was truly excited.

The nice thing about this pumpkin patch is that it’s open during the week while a lot of other pumpkin patches are only open on weekends.  There were lots of school groups, but it was nowhere near as crowded as I imagine it gets on the weekend.  You have to pay admission and the ticket includes a hay ride in a giant wagon pulled behind a tractor to the pumpkin fields.

We pretty much had the whole tractor to ourselves.

Taves farm with kids in the fall near Vancouver

Taves farm in Vancouver wtih kids in the fall

And we were whisked to the pumpkin fields.

hatley puppy rain jackets at a pumpkin patch in Vancouver BCpicking out pumpkins near vancouver with kidspumpkin patch near vancouver with kids

Afterwards we tried out tractor-driving on our own on the roof of a barn.  And from this vantage point….

drive a tractor with kids at Taves Farm

We could see the giant pillow!

jumping pillow at Taves Farm near Vancouver

And then that became the guys’ mission.  Even these goats by the barn couldn’t hold their attention.

We had to take off our shoes and at first the guys were slipping and couldn’t figure out how to get onto the top.  Once I put down my camera, they figured it out and were bouncing like maniacs.

And we finished the day with some apple-picking.  This was definitely a Target of a pumpkin patch and we had such a fun day!  I think the guys want to go back just to jump on the pillow again.  (Seriously who thinks of these ideas….a big pillow buried in a mound of dirt? I wonder how they keep it inflated.)

Apple Picking at Taves Farm in Abbottsford with kids

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  1. Lisa says:

    I’ve been to lots of similar places on school field trips with my girls where we picked pumpkins or apples and went on a hay ride BUT I have never, ever seen a giant bouncing pillow. What a cool idea!!

  2. […] I wish we had more time to see the other activities (like the apple cider donuts!!) but we had done this type of thing at a neat farm in Canada with grandma last year and we didn’t have time for lineups.  We decided we’d start our journey home a little […]

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