Fragile Forest (Singapore Zoo, Singapore)

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Seeing this little lemur on Trader Joe’s Cinnamon and Black Tea at Christmas made me all nostalgic and dreamy for our Singapore trip and I had to pick it up.

A couple months ago we traveled to my favorite zoo in the world.  And this is why:

Look how close you can get to the animals in The Fragile Forest.  It’s in the Singapore Zoo and you could spend the whole day just in that section if you aren’t there with 3-year olds. But even my crazy guys were totally in awe.

Everywhere you go little lemurs run freely.   You don’t touch them-but you totally want to.  And if you’re lucky you see them being fed.

Teeny deer hide in the bushes.

And bats hang from the trees.

And you imagine what it would be like to live in the wilderness for a little while.  Then you head back to the giant metropolis that is the rest of Singapore and have a spectacular lunch and dream about going back.

One other cool thing to see as a Seattle-lite is this sign as you exit:

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