Cakepops, Carnivores, Cousins and Chaos

Pumpkin Bash at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle with kids
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What tasty nom nom comes boxed in a lovely pink bag?  Seriously anything out of this pink bag would probably be lovely, but in this one we have Cakepops of course!

Cakepops from cupcake royaleToday we went to Cupcake Royale for cupcakes to bring to the zoo but the boys were dazzled by the delights on sticks.  (Sugar with an element danger-why else.) And while these treats are safest consumed sitting down,

Eating cakepops at woodland park zoo

it is way more fun to march with them. (All the while imagining they are fire-sticks they could eat.) You can tell I’ve been whittled down after 3+ years of being a boy mom.  I never would have let them eat anything on a stick last year let alone move with it.  (Eye-poking hazard or potential throat gouge if you really want to know.  Which means blood, guts, hyperventilation, fainting and ultimately a horrible scene.)

But everything today was delightful. We saw many animals basking in the morning sun.  The boys were enthralled with the toddler gorilla getting cuddled by her mommy.

And the soon-to-be-mommy jaguar.

And I was happy to see cousins I haven’t seen for a while.  (Thanks for making the drive Auntie J)

Family fun at woodland park zoo

And while no day is complete without a disaster of some sort piled in our living room, it’s had a little bit more of a purpose lately.  Since Hawaii the theme has been fire-sticks, fire-making, and fire-dancing with bellybuttons.  (The duo’s obsession with fire seems on par with my obsessive fear of danger, which worries me slightly, but what can you do.)  It’s nice imagining you’re in some tropical place all the time.

A perfect sunny Seattle day, I’d say.

(PS The Woodland Park Zoo sometimes offers Rainy Day Discounts of 50% off on random days that might be rainy or potentially empty and you can check here for details.)

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