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July 17, 2012 by admin

On a trip to Hawaii a few years ago, we discovered a treat with a very odd name.

Yes, it’s made of melons, but it just seems like an unfortunate sounding title for such a delicious ice pop (a friend recently told me it sounds like a skin disease.) But it must be popular in Hawaii because you can even get Melona flavored shave ice on the North Shore of Oahu at yummy Matsumoto‘s and I am in love with the flavor (And yes, Matsumoto’s is as good as everyone says.  I love my shave ice with ice cream and beans and have even ventured there on chilly, rainy days.)

And while I wish I could enjoy shave ice here at home, I’ve found a few places that I can buy the Melona bars and one of them is Uwajimaya.  Our most recent Melona purchase came after the Dragon Festival this past weekend. We’ve never been before and I’m going to put it on my radar as a festival I want to revisit.  One boy was extremely thrilled with all the Dragon and Lion dances and could have watched for hours.  The other was a little timid, but still had fun checking everything out.

I was thrilled at the street truck representation.  This festival had at least 1o fabulous street food trucks.

And the seating area in the food truck food court made it super family friendly.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the actual umbrella covered tables: by that time, we were all definitely engrossed in our food.  We sampled treats from Tokyo Dog, Bigfood (which was so yummy I’m excited that it’s coming as a permanent fixture to Seattle Center!) and Curry Now.

The streets just seemed so festive, warm and fun that I wish Dragonfest happened more often-maybe like the night markets they have in Richmond up north.  At least the Melona bars I picked up can be savored over the next couple weeks.  (A fifteen dollar purchase at Uwajimaya gets you 2 hours of parking, and that buys a LOT of popsicles.)

(Vancouver readers: I have also found them at Save on Foods in Coquitlam so keep your eye out:) )


  1. I love shave ice on the north shore of Oahu.
    Thanks for the heads up on the popsicles with the odd name- suonds like a disease.

    I’ll look for them at Uwajimaya when I’m there on the weekend.

  2. […] an ABC store.  I swear these people may have the best shave ice in Hawaii.  I’m usually a Matsumoto’s fan (North Shore, Oahu) but Ululani’s ice is probably the fluffiest ice I’ve ever had.  I […]

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