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August 27, 2012 by admin

I put the boys in the Sounders Soccer Camp this summer not knowing what to expect from a camp put on by our Sounders FC.  It is for ages 4-15 and with me knowing I’m probably destined to be a soccer mom, I figured I might as well put them in the camp that is associated with our city’s team.  Anyways, it was pretty awesome.  The guys were thrilled to be in a camp with big kids and whenever I watched them it looked like they were actually playing soccer and learning ball-handling skills.  They also came home with a ton of swag-a ball, a scarf, and a lunchbag and so many stories about the soccer they played. The only concern I had was how the camp took attendance because it didn’t seem as regulated as most of the camps I’ve been to with the kids-you kind of just drop them off in the middle of a field where they do warm-up with about a hundred other kids and then they get sorted out into their age-groups and get attendance taken there-but most of the grown-ups seemed okay with this. (I remedied my own fears with a very helicopter-mom-esque move by doing my morning run near the field where they played until they got into their groups.  Crazy, I know, but I felt better knowing that they got to where they were supposed to be before I actually drove off and left.)

The coolest thing about this camp though was the camper appreciation day.  And this is where I will love this team for life.  All the kids were invited to a practice at Century Link field and there would be a meet-and-greet later. I thought there would be only a handful of players there, but I think the whole team showed up.  Coach Sigi Schmid even addressed all the campers!  I know that made my guys feel very part of the team. (They were also especially excited to meet Mauro Rosales.  He is their current favorite player.)

Kids are so impressionable and it seemed like the Sounders guys sincerely valued the kids’ dreams with the things they said and the way they held themselves during the practice.  I am so thankful our city has a team of such positive role models-especially as a mom of two boys.  We will definitely try and sign up for this camp again next year.  Thank you very much Sounders FC!


  1. Kate says:

    What a special experience for your kids! Mauro is my favorite player too 🙂

  2. Lynette says:

    This sounds like a great camp! Thanks for sharing.

  3. niven says:


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  5. […] that’s what Sigi Shmid asked us at the last Sounders Camper Appreciation Day (one of the big reasons why we love Sounders Soccer Camps) and although we don’t like Portland when it comes to soccer, we have so much fun in Portland […]

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