Wildlife Spotting and photo-editing with Playmobil

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January 8, 2013 by admin

If your kids have any playmobil, you know that a) it’s really complicated to put together b) the parts hurt like anything when you step on them and c) it’s too adorable to resist.  The only set that I think you should have any hesitation buying is the meerkat family (we bought two!)

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 6.11.41 AM

because those teeny tiny meerkat food pieces do come with the set and they are impossible to pick up and your kids will inevitably strew them all over your house and you will find them in everything you own for weeks.

The boys were lucky enough to receive a lot of other playmobil for Christmas (thank you family!) and though I feel I should now receive an honorary degree in building little plastic trees, I’ve had so much fun playing with it with them.  And another bonus?  I’ve been able to practice my wildlife photos with my Olloclip for my phone.  I remember trying to take pictures of little leaf-cutter ants and other bugs in Costa Rica and it was a little frustrating because they moved so quickly and I didn’t have enough practice trying to focus.


Not these guys.

Using olloclip and photo-editing

They’re perfectly teeny-tiny.

Using olloclip and photo-editing

This one’s a mole in a mole-hill and you can remove the mole.  How creative is this toy? It totally helps my guys remember all their favorite animals!


And Leelee helped set up the teeny hedgehog peeking through the tree photo.  Maybe we have a budding photographer?


Oh Playmobil, even though I curse you at least 20 times a day, I do love you.  (Just not the meerkat food!)

(PS. does anyone have any favorite phone apps for editing pictures?  I currently use Befunky and Diptic for making collages but I’m always on the search for more!)

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