Maui Revisited

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Maui revisited

See these tired, shiny, almost-brand new parents?  Our guys were 9 months old and we headed off to Maui for our first vacation as a family.  A bunch of trips later and we’re heading back to the island pretty soon and I can’t wait.  All I can remember from the last visit was a lovely shave ice shack, snorkeling, the Maui Ocean Center and a poorly-planned trip to Hana where we turned around in Paia. I hope this trip we can see a lot more of this beautiful island.Any can’t miss places for a family with two four-year-olds?

7 thoughts on “Maui Revisited

  1. Our favourite place! So many great things to do: Makawao (cowboy town-good horseback riding stables); Lavendar farm (lavender lunch is good); Iao Valley hiking is great; there was a Plantation where you could take a tour, but there has been construction there, I hear. If you go up north, there is the Sugar Train (just takes you a short distance but it was fun when the kids were small). The Maui Ocean Centre was fun; there is this ‘mini-golf’ place that has these really neat water boats, too, tucked away, quite close to MOC that we spent many a fun day. There were some pretty neat shows (theatre) that we brought the kids to-Ulalena (history of Hawaiian islands). We usually did one dinner show of some kind (no comedy)-usually a Hawaiian legend of some kind.

    Shopping- There’s a Ross’ downtown, and Kahumanu Centre (Macy’s), and Canary Mall (in West Maui). But we kept to a lot of the small, local shops, too. Kind of rustic…..

    Just being at the beach and pool is fun. There is a beach up north that we have always tried to get to – all the locals go there, where the beach is really calm. At four, my kids just hung out and had fun no matter what we did.

    Haleakala is great, too. We’ve hiked up there. I biked down the mountain…….but you have to be twelve.

    Just love it all. Maui has been changing a lot-apparently sugar cane fields have construction, etc. Have a great time!!!!

  2. Baby Beach just north of Lahaina is great! There is a reef break so no waves to worry about on the beach if the boys just want to swim swim swim. And you’re lucky you might spot Helen Hunt on that beach too… she was playing football with her family in the water when we were there 😉

  3. Loved Ulu Lani’s shave ice! I have a bunch of Maui posts from our last visit. We loved the Ali’i Kula lavender farm and the nearby goat farm I’m sure your boys will love. We went as far as Mile marker 7 on Hana. if you can, please go to Haleakala NP. Absolutely beautiful but being motion sickness bags just in case for the drive down. And I hope you’re going to a luau 🙂 have a wonderful trip and can’t wait to read about your adventures.

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