So I built a bridge today, what did you do?

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April 12, 2013 by Terumi

things to make with kids out of cardboard

Okay so maybe the bridge was built out of cardboard.


And it started out with a road we made.


After some awesome cardboard pirate ships (or Narnia ships.  I love the Ikatbag blog!) I thought I would try to make, but just ended up going simple.


After a pancake breakfast that little hands helped make.


But disappeared too quickly before cleanup.  At least they are cute.


We scootered off the calories.  There were many hills.  (The guys scooter like they’re in some kind of motocross.  It’s quite terrifying actually.   And you know how I hate blood, scary things and sports.)


And we went to the free zoo pet store after grocery shopping.  I resisted this sale:


And now I’m baking cupcakes.  Like umpteen million cupcakes.  Because that’s what you do when you’re a stay at home mom who gets a lot of boxes from all the things you order and you have a sweet tooth.

(PS. three things on my current shopping list? A dog-walking mug that is out of stock at Fishs Eddy, a cute hoodie from a brand called Sundry, and chocolates from a neat little chocolate roaster that’s on my list of places I want to go to the next time I’m up in Vancity unless someone goes there and sends me some. (hint hint)  You can bet I’m going to get a little bit more practice at making those pirate ships and bridges any day now when the boxes start to arrive.  As for the cupcakes?  You’ll find out where they’re going soon enough.)

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