Back to School with Pillsbury Biscuits: Decorated Grilled Cheese

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We are totally settling into the school routine. The boys are only half-day and I love how we still get to make and eat lunch together. I know I’m really going to miss this time when they start going to school ALL day long, even though sometimes I want to tear my hair out when they make big messes or get really silly.

I try to get them to help out as often as I can and we’ve had some of our best conversations in the kitchen while making something together.  It’s neat that they can now do things like mix, peel and follow simple instructions and they’re really proud of themselves when they sit down to a meal that they’ve helped make.  They can even help clear dishes when they finish and that is really helping me keep the house more organized this year.

I thought this recipe for Grilled Cheese using Pillsbury Grand Biscuits was pretty kid-friendly especially because I really like popping the biscuits out of the can and I thought they might like it too.  (Does anyone NOT squeal in surprise when it makes that popping sound???)  And I like crafts that have a usable end-point so this is like playing with playdough that you can cook and eat.

Cooking with kids grilled cheese and pillsbury dough

I gave the guys little cookie cutters to make shapes in the dough as they rolled it out.  I found that even if they punched the cutters through the dough, it didn’t fall apart when I cooked it.  The best sandwiches came from dough that was rolled out pretty thinly like sugar cookie dough because if it’s too thick it puffs up when it cooks and you can’t see the shapes.

Grilled cheese made with pillsbury dough

We might have toasted these a little too much but we’ll get better with more practice.  The guys were impressed that the dough “turned into bread” in the frying pan and they really enjoyed their ‘decorated’ grilled cheese. (I also served it with a side of carrots and some apples and celery that weren’t pictured.) Pillsbury has a bunch of recipes you can download here and I think I might try their pizza recipe next for another easy lunch.  Anyone else think you might try this recipe?

Grilled cheese with kids using pillsbury dough

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