Santa then and Santa now

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December 5, 2013 by Terumi

When the kids were about one year old we were in Phoenix in December and noticed there was no line at the Santa at the mall so we hurriedly bought some Christmas sweaters and excitedly waited for our visit.  Unfortunately the boys were not as thrilled as we were and this was our souvenir:


Now that the boys are five they are really excited to talk with Santa.


The Bean wouldn’t even tell us what he wanted for Christmas- he would only tell Santa Claus.  They both waited patiently in line with their eyes fixated on their jolly friend and when he called them, they ran up with no fear. I love how they can both still fit on his lap.  I’m wondering if this might be their last year before they have to visit one at a time.  Then they both earnestly told Santa they would behave until Christmas before they bounded off his lap and ran out the door and off into the wilderness.  Oh, the magic of Christmas!


(PS. we’ve been visiting Santa at Christmas Creek near Seattle for the past 4 years.  The family that runs it is the sweetest ever and we have so many good memories of cutting down our Christmas trees.  The boys think that we are in the North Pole, even when there is no snow and it is truly festive and wonderful.  This will always be where the North Pole and Christmas lives for me.)

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