Last Monday of the Year: shopping cliffhangers

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In the new year I’m totally going to have to make some shopping choices because I can’t buy EVERYTHING (even though I want to) and I would like to cut down on some clutter in my life and there is definitely an abundance of STUFF in this world and I don’t want to buy unnecessarily.

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So for clothes, I love the idea of picked-for-me clothing for a fun shopping surprise and I just tried Golden Tote and fell in love.

golden tote bag december

I did the 2-3 item (49 dollar plus shipping) tote and got two amazing dresses that I’m excited to wear.  I love that the dresses came with suggestion cards for what to wear them with and although this shopping idea feels similar to Stitch Fix I preferred that I was able to choose at least one item myself and there isn’t a style fee that I feel pressured to spend.  I’ll probably revisit both golden tote and stitch fix  for shopping thrills in 2014 but I think Golden Tote is going to be the champion.
In makeup, I have been a loyal Birchbox subscriber for nearly two years, but now my friends are trying to convert me to Ipsy.”Look what I got” my bestie texted me.  “I think it’s better than your Birchbox.  The samples are almost full-size!!!” And she sent me a photo to prove that she’s right:december ipsy contents

This looks like good value but I’m locked into Birchbox for a few more months so I guess she’s going to make me I’ll have to wait and see how our next few boxes compare.

For techy things my husband is enjoying all the new gadgets that are starting to automize  our house a la Jetsons like a garage opener (Chamberlain) we can control from our phones and a light switch (wemo switch) that works in the same way.  Both have been fabulous when we’ve been away on vacation and want to check up on our house.  I know he’s been dying to try the Nest and I can’t wait to see what becomes phone operated in our house next.

The hubby also bought a Garmin Virb after we tried out a Go Pro last year that seemed too finicky for using when traveling with kids and crashed a couple times making us totally frustrated. He couldn’t find many reviews before his purchase but liked the idea of the app that supports this camera and the waterproof case for when we go to Hawaii and want to video on the beach. The downside to this purchase is that the waterproof case that we were excited about when we bought this a while ago has not been finished yet and the app just came out too and it doesn’t totally function the way my husband thought.  He’s still undecided on both cameras and I’m not sure what we’ll do in the new year.  We need a waterproof camera that takes video but doesn’t take too much time to set up.  I really liked our old Panasonic Lumix (this is what it looked like) and even though it died a bunch of times (it kept getting filled with water) it took great pictures and videos and was easy to use.  We need a waterproof camera ASAP,so if you have any suggestions please send them our way.

Any fabulous shopping ideas for the new year?  Happy shopping!

(PS my hubby says he just read this review of the Garmin virb and it’s really good.)

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