We’re still good for Remlinger Farms (Carnation, WA)

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We missed our annual Remlinger Farms visit in last year and I thought this year might be our last because a lot of the rides seem like they are meant for younger kids.  Remlinger Farms is a lovely little amusement park and farm market in Carnation Washington, about an hour away from Seattle.  It’s such a magical little place for small kids and I was definitely worried we’d outgrown it.

But we headed out for early morning raspberry picking.

picking berries at remlinger farm in Carnation Washington

Then got there in time for opening.

little canoe ride at Remlinger Farm

And the boys definitely still loved this place.  There were many rides and activities the whole family could still enjoy.  I think Remlinger is fun for kids up until about 6-7 years old.

tractors at remlinger farmlittle kids train ride at remlinger farmremlinger farm with 6-year olds

Everything is perfectly sized for them.

hay playground at the remlinger farm

Even the roller coaster.

baby rollercoaster at Remlinger Farm

And I know we have at least one more year. I’m oh so thankful.  These kids, they seriously grow up way too fast.

(PS. you can’t bring outside food into the park, but we brought a TON of water to drink because it can be quite hot.  We bought a really yummy trail mix in the gift store here too.)

(PPS. Isn’t Carnation the cutest name for a city?)

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