Because my kids are obsessed with Star Wars

star wars toys for kids
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My kids can’t help it in this city.  It’s like you have to breathe Star Wars just to live in Seattle and this has become even more apparent since my guys started school where they alternate playing zombies and Star Wars on the playground.  I think we live in the only city where I’ve ever seen more Star Wars Family car decals on the backs of vans than the usual stick figure families.  And of course I’ve watched it.  But I was always more into things like Lady Lovely Locks, Care Bears and She-Ra.  And Star Wars still seems a little too violent for kindergarten.  (But that’s probably just me.  I do not like blood and guts and things with names like “DEATH STAR”)

So when my guys started started asking me about Star Wars, I had no Star Wars love to share.  Except for the Ewoks. I wish Star Wars was more about them.  So the only thing I could think to do was to convince my kids that the Ewoks are the stars of Star Wars.  Cute, adorable, cuddly Ewoks.

But I can’t find them anywhere except YOU TUBE.

And there are VHS copies but we don’t have machines in our house that can play these.  Would it be too much to ask for a DVD with all the Ewoks cartoons we used to watch?  I can’t find one.  PLEASE SOMEONE GET THIS MADE FOR DVD or put it on Netflix or Amazon Prime.   (Apparently this is NOT it either.)

So last week I ordered this relic off of Amazon and I know I have a few more coming in the next little while. (At least this is helping fuel my guys love of reading.)

Star Wars ewoks books for kids

I remember holding a similar book back in the 80s.  (Please tell me you had it and that maybe you too were around in the 80s.  Why didn’t we save more of the 80’s for days like now?)

So this is it.  This is what I have to help connect my kids with my Star Wars history.  Are kids Star Wars obsessed in your city?

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