A Warm and Uplifting Reuben Sandwich at Three Girls Bakery (52 weeks of Pike Place Market, Seattle

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  • March 25, 2016
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Three Girls Bakery in Pike Place Market
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Just when you think it’s spring in Seattle, we get a few chilly blasts that remind us to give weather the reverence it deserves.  The day I was lunching at Seattle’s Pike Place Market for this week’s market lunch entry it was so blustery that I wanted to be somewhere cozy but I wasn’t craving a leisurely sit-down lunch.  I thought maybe I would grab a bowl of soup somewhere and I ventured towards Pike Place Chowder where I knew I’d find something delicious, but I might have to wait in a long line. And then I noticed that the lunch counter in the Three Girls Bakery was unusually empty.
I tentatively pulled the sliding glass door and felt a welcome blast of warm air escape.  This was already a good sign of things to come.  I wasn’t sure about the lunch counter etiquette at this place but I was handed a menu and told to sit down.

Three Girls Bakery in Seattle's Pike Place Market

I’ve heard the Three Girls Bakery is known for their meatloaf sandwiches but I’m not a beef fan so I thought maybe I’d get a turkey sandwich instead. And then I saw a little note in the menu to the effect of
“Why not make your Reuben a veggie Reuben…”
Why not indeed? There is even a gluten-free option here for bread so there are a lot of options here for everyone.

Vegetarian Reuben at Three Girl's Bakery in Seattle
My sandwich used a field roast in place of corned beef and with the rye bread, warm roast, sauerkraut and gooey cheese I was instantly smitten.  I devoured every last bite of that toasty sandwich and the pickle was perfect too.

Rugelach from Three Girls Bakery in Pike Place Market Seattle

I grabbed a apricot walnut rugelach for my journey back home and as I’m writing this, I can’t help but wonder if there is room at the lunch counter for a sandwich today.

(PS. I’m slowly eating my way through Pike Place Market trying a new lunch place each week so please feel free to follow along!  I love hearing other people’s favorite market lunch places too.  There is also a lovely tasting event called Arcade Lights on April 22nd 2016 in Pike Place Market if you’re in town and want to try many market and other delights all in one evening.  The proceeds support and excellent cause and it’s a great way to see Pike Place Market at night.)

(PPS. My 7-year-olds would have loved to sit at this counter but I’m not sure about the space for younger kids.  In the stroller days one of us grownups would have probably gotten the sandwiches while the other moved the group to one of the seating areas in the public courtyards so there is a little more room to eat. There is a huge eating area near the Atrium Kitchen a short walk away.)

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