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Back of Toyota Highlander all filled up

When homework starts on a Monday

September 13, 2016

I forgot what a vortex the inside of a backpack can be late on a Sunday night.  You would think I’m some sort of rookie parent not remembering that all the homework in the first week of school belongs to ME; a zillion forms that I am frantically filling in so I look like I […]

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Summer in Seattle at Moss Bay Boating

When Tuesday is a little scary for a mom of twins on a Monday

September 6, 2016

I slipped and called my duo ‘babies’ at a wedding the other night.  But my twins really aren’t that little anymore and I can’t believe it.  My giant 8-year-old babies are starting school again in a few hours and I’m totally going to miss them.   Apparently this year my guys will be in different classes for […]

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tofino with kids where to stay

Back to School Eve

September 17, 2015

After the kids were home for a little while and the novelty of summer wore off, the days of endless play and running around and daily sibling wars made my grown up brain weary and my body tired; I couldn’t help it and I didn’t mean to. I started wishing for tomorrow forever.  (I think […]

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