Grouse Mountain (Vancouver, British Columbia)

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This year we are going to let the tots try skiing when we go visit family in BC.  Will we take them to Whistler? Not this year.  Since having the twins, we’ve barely skied at all, and being so close to such a great place to ski without actually being able to take a whole day’s run at it may bring my husband to tears.  So where does a local go?  Try Seymour, Cypress or Grouse mountains.  They are fairly close to Vancouver and are smaller ski areas with great accessibility for beginner skiers (especially Seymour) and they are a fraction of the cost of skiing Whistler-which is great if you know you’re going to spend a lot of time drinking hot chocolate in the lodge.

If your tots aren’t old enough for skiing and you want to check out a local Vancouver mountain, head to Grouse Mountain where they have a festive “Peak of Christmas event from November 27th-December 24th.   The magic starts as all trips to Grouse Mountain do-with a spectacular gondola ride up to where all the action takes place. Activities include a Santa’s workshop, reindeer, sleigh-rides, ice skating on an outdoor pond and classic Christmas movies.

These are things my boys loved last year:

Getting out of the cold in Santa’s warm little house.Seeing the reindeer in their wintery home.

And, sledding down the hills with their Uncle Roo.

My tip: you might want to check and see if the “local’s pass” at Grouse Mountain is worth it for you( be warned that this pass does not include skiing, snowboarding lift tickets)  If you plan on returning and trying the notorious Grouse Grind in the summer, it may save you some money after a couple trips.  It also gets you 50% off up to four other passes a day, so if you have a large group when you go it might be worth it too.

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