Toddler Art: Making connections with favorite Board Books

books for kids who like trucks
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The boys are really into a book called “Trucks Go” by Steve Light right now. It’s a board book that simply features different big trucks and the sounds they make. These trucks include a fire truck, a box truck and an auto-carrier; pretty much all the kind of trucks that make toddler boys go ‘WOW!”trucks go book for kids

I was really surprised at how much they are intrigued by the smoke that comes out of the trucks on each page.  They will talk to me for hours about the big or little smoke that comes out of each one.  Because all the smoke clouds resemble the cryptic squiggles they can make, I decided to try and apply this to when we do art at home.  I drew cars and they drew the exhaust.  Here’s what we came up with.making art with toddlers connecting to books

making art with toddlers-adding exhaust smoke to carsThe neat thing is they seemed to be able to connect the idea of the book they read, and the squiggles we made and we put a lot of time and effort into these pictures.  This is not the most exciting and glittery craft, but I think they might have learned something-and I did too.  I learned that I need to connect the books they like to other skills I’m teaching them around the house. Thanks Steve Light for your inspirational book-I bet you didn’t imagine your exhaust squiggles would have such an impact on a snowed in mom in Seattle today.

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