More Easter Shenanigans and the BIG DAY!

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If you are wondering what the above photo is supposed to be, it’s an abstract version of an egg-shaped scrambled egg sandwich in a macaroni and cheese nest.  Not as pretty as I imagined it in my head, and I probably should have made the nest out of shaved cucumber or something less carb on carby, but in trying to get in the spirit of Easter and bribe the two year old monsters into eating, this was more of an inspired in 15 minutes type of lunch job, and they found it surprisingly enjoyable.

Another activity the guys liked on this journey to Easter was painting eggs.  I bought a couple of the traditional egg dye kits but forgot to buy white eggs this week( we typically eat cage free brown), and then I realized how ridiculous it would be for me to try and paint actual eggs with my guys given the type of two year old warfare they’ve pulled on me the past couple weeks.  I settled for some non-toxic acrylic paint and some plastic eggs and some $1 birdhouses from Joann Crafts and painted them on the deck on a sunny afternoon.

And here are some highlights from today’s Egg hunt which was held indoors since the Easter Bunny knew we have such unpredictable weather here lately.  It was not the frenzied style hunt I can imagine it will be next year-they were stalled by the toys and chocolate they found in each egg-and I loved how they squealed with excitement when they found the eggs.  I am a little worried that they might have eaten a little too much chocolate, but what can you do.  Blame the Easter Bunny right?

There was even a little bit of negotiation at the end of the hunt as they traded trains and eggs with each other.  This kind of sharing and friendship makes me so glad that they are twins, brothers and best friends.

I must have been good this year because the Easter bunny even brought something for me.  Maybe he read my last blog post?   I found this little surprise in the cupboard when I went to get a coffee cup and you would have thought I won the lottery.  Or watched the Canucks win game 6.  (gametime is 4ish by the way, and I am totally hoping, praying and voodooing so they better bring some energy onto the ice!)

Just goes to show you’re never too old to believe in magic and eating chocolate for breakfast.  Happy Easter everyone!

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