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November 28, 2011 by admin

The boys and I were looking through all the flyers that have been arriving with the paper lately.  “I don’t want a bird poo Christmas tree” Leelee says.

If you want one, you can buy it here.  We did not get that one-we cut ours this morning at our favorite Christmas tree farm.  The weather was not the white winter wonderland when we went last year (note the monsoon out our window)

but we had fun picking out our tree and visiting with Santa. (more on this one later, when I go through all our Santa pics.)

So now our tree is up and decorated but I’m still coveting a tree we saw covered with birds when we stopped in at Nordstroms on Black Friday.

I want these felt covered lights very badly and have been madly googling to find them.  (This picture doesn’t do them justice but can anyone tell me where to get little round ball lights covered in felt?)

And how about my shopping spoils?  Did I get all the things I was looking for?


I spent Friday morning with two lovely littles with eyes all aglow watching the parade.

And that was better than the best deal ever.

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  1. […] Our tradition at Christmas Creek continued this year and this time it was sunny and gorgeous. […]

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