Make your own Ipad baby monitor

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When we first traveled with the guys we always carted along this cheap baby monitor so we could hear them in one room sleeping while we sat on the patio or vegged in another room.  (We tend to get places with more than one room when we travel so we can actually zone out and feel like we’re vacationing too when the duo sleeps.) It’s small, no-fuss and not the heavy duty one we have at home so we don’t have to panic if we leave it somewhere but it’s reassuring to bring one to catch the early wake-up noises so we don’t have a major meltdown in a hotel room.

One trip we forgot it, so my hubby, a modern-day Macgyver figured out how to make a baby-monitor with the Ipad using the hotel’s free Wifi and facetime on our Iphone.  He set the Ipad in one room facing the guys and we kept the cell phone on our table in the other room and we were able to catch one guy getting up before he woke up his brother.  I heart technology!

(This post is part of a Travel Tip link up with Walkingontravels and Suitcasesandsippycups.  Hope it helps:) )

5 thoughts on “Make your own Ipad baby monitor

  1. What a great idea!! My kids are now old enough to be left alone (thank goodness) but I will happily pass this on to my in-laws and friends with younger kids. I’m sure they’d appreciate not carting off the bulky monitors.

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