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When Tuesday is a little scary for a mom of twins on a Monday

September 6, 2016

I slipped and called my duo ‘babies’ at a wedding the other night.  But my twins really aren’t that little anymore and I can’t believe it.  My giant 8-year-old babies are starting school again in a few hours and I’m totally going to miss them.   Apparently this year my guys will be in different classes for […]

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Counting to 100 is important

February 19, 2015

Fancy that 100 days in school falls immediately after a school vacation and I felt like we did the equivalent of a kindergarten all-nighter because of course we left all our homework until the last minute.  (I feel like I’m passing on an important life-skill here. Carpe Diem, right?) Apparently 100 days of school calls […]

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Solo coffee Monday shopping sans enfants and dreaming of Vancouver

September 8, 2014

Oh wow, it happened again.  I got to drop the kids off at school and then they just waved, went inside and that is our morning until I pick them up this afternoon.  How weird and wonderful and somewhat lonely-making is school?  So today I have the task of cleaning out my ‘attic’ according to […]

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First day of….

September 4, 2014

the gateway to the rest of their life and beyond and the culmination of babyhood FOREVER!!!! At least that’s how the first day of kindergarten feels with all the pre-kindergarten activities we’ve had.  Popsicle playdates.  Meetings.  Go-see-the-classrooms.  Jumpstarts.  All before the real first day ever seemed like it was on the horizon. And then too […]

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Why a Seattle Children’s Theatre Subscription might be a good idea for your family

July 24, 2014

Okay here’s some math you might want to try if you’re in the Seattle area and you are thinking about some children’s theater this fall.  Last year we didn’t subscribe to any tickets so I totally spaced on ALL the plays at the Seattle Children’s Theatre. (even Art Dog which I heard was AMAZING!!)  So […]

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In Real Life shopping on a sunny Monday

April 8, 2014

It’s not everyday I get to go shopping in real life IN an actual store, but I needed to run some errands this morning and that brought me to Target, which is always a fun exercise.  I have loved Target for so long (but hasn’t everyone?) and today I was proud because I didn’t buy […]

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A little love note to my boy (x2) when I get a lunch alone and can think about life

March 23, 2014

Slow down little man, There is so much time to grow. There are parks to play at And trees to climb. Hands to hold And moments just to savor. So whatever anyone tells you Don’t grow up just yet. Don’t speed this time up. Don’t give it away. You don’t need to be bigger, faster, […]

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