Giving in to peer pressure is okay sometimes, right?

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I totally want these bubble glass lights my friend just put in her house.

bubble glass lights from lamps plus

They don’t match anything I have-I would probably need  to build a whole new bathroom just for them, but I can’t Stop. Thinking. About. Them.

And I’ve seen this Nate Berkus for Target tray pinned quite a bit,Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.12.23 PM

and it might totally end up in my living room unless I splurge on this hexagon tray from Jonathan Adler instead.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 1.12.54 PM

And I also saw this book, The Sweet Life In Paris on Walking on Travel’s winter reading list, so of course I bought it to read on an upcoming trip because it sounded so good and I love a few of the other reads on her list too. (The pretty good number one book is making me seriously contemplate a summer in Japan!)

So naturally I empathized when my guys told me they wanted some animal hats some of their classmates wore to school.

“They have an animal head with paw-mittens” they chorused describing EXACTLY what I needed to get, while I swooned at the thought that my guys were getting opinionated about their clothing choices.


So we had one full day of wearing THE hats after we picked some up on sale at the local drugstore.  (I do heart Bartells, big time.)


And of course we wore them to the zoo.  I think some of the animals were confused.


But this penguin?  I think he wanted to be friends.


So we’ll see how long the hats last.  And, no, I’m not going to give in to every kid trend my guys decide on.  (And FYI If anyone even attempts to start my kids on Pokemon-you have been warned.) But, I thought this one was harmless and fun.


(PS. What do you all think about kids and trends?  Am I the only one totally giving in?)

4 thoughts on “Giving in to peer pressure is okay sometimes, right?

  1. I think the hats are adorable… And everyone remembers something they wanted that all the other kids at school seemed to have…I think indulging once in a while is fine 🙂

  2. I think it is important to differentiate between wanting to fit in with the other kids and just plain wanting something that is desirable. Figure out the difference and proceed with the appropriate discussion. All I know is I would totally rock that adorable hat whether I am 5 or 35!

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